Willard Sauer “Whiskey Sour” Hudson was an American frontiersman, accomplished trapper and mountain explorer.  The great-great uncle of band leader Andrew Hudson, Whiskey was born in 1801. At the age of 18, he left his home in rural Missouri to explore the west.  Extremely far-sighted, his constant squinting gave him the look of an angry, intense, ready-to-boil-over hothead.  

He acquired the name "Whiskey Sour" in a saloon poker game, and it stuck with him the rest of his life.  His “sour” look proved as helpful in his business dealings as it was at the poker table.  People who knew him said it was a rare thing to witness a smile on Whiskey’s lips and you could never really tell what he was thinking.    

Legend has it that the only time Whiskey cracked a smile was when he was listening to his favorite cowboy band from Denver. It was the only thing that brought Whiskey real pleasure, and when he did smile, it lit up the room like a full moon on the prairie.

The Legendary Whiskey Sour Band creates the kind of music that can force a smile from even the crankiest curmudgeon.

The Legendary Whiskey Sour Band performs country music at weddings, corporate events, conventions, county fairs, cookouts, festivals, and private parties.

Affordable, professional and very danceable, The Legendary Whiskey Sour Band adds the right element to your events - from classic cowboy songs to modern country rock. Call us today and let us make your next get-together more memorable!

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